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Here you will find some information about completed and ongoing projects:

1. EN-RU Translation of help books for a new Mac OS: over 1,000,000 words with Trados & Transit.

2. EN-RU Translation of Electronic Service Manuals for a leading Japanese car manufacturer: over 1,000,000 words with Trados, SDLX, Adobe Illustrator.

3. EN-RU Translation and proofreading of iTunes Jukebox Manual: over 10,000 words with Trados.

4. EN-RU Translation of manuals for Philips cell phones, multimedia and electronics: over 100,000 words with Trados.

5. EN-RU Translation of manuals for a large manufacturer of scrubbers and drying machines: over 100,000 words with Trados.

6. Translation of CompAsso software: over 100,000 words with Trados. .

7. GER-RU Translation of localization materials for a German on-line seller of software: 10,000 words with Trados.

8. EN-RU Translation of web-site for a large British rotary equipment manufacturer: over 50,000 words with Trados.

9. GER-RU Translation within the framework of the project "German-Russian Technology Cooperation Fair in Automobile Industry". A joint project of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Government and AiF.

10. EN-RU Translation of marketing materials for an international hotel chain: over 100,000 words with Trados.

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